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Sending gifts or household items to your family and friends in Pakistan does not have to be difficult or expensive. We offer the best door-to-door services for fast and cheap sea cargo to Pakistan from UK.

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Sea Cargo to Pakistan Starting From £1 Per Kg

Do you want to send sea cargo from UK to Pakistan?

The complex logistics of the movement of your sea cargo across various vessels and routes makes it vital that you work with experts to stay away from any hassles. Relax while we take care of delivering your items safely to all locations in Pakistan, including Azad Kashmir.
Best Cargo Rates For Pakistan

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On-time Delivery

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No Hidden Cost

UK to Pakistan Sea Cargo Rates

Per Kg Rates For Sending Sea Cargo to Pakistan
WeightRateDelivery Time (Approx.)
20 Kg (Minimum)£1.25 Per Kg6 – 8 Weeks
50 Kg (5 Kg Free)£1.25 Per Kg6 – 8 Weeks
100 Kg (10 Kg Free)£1 Per Kg6 – 8 Weeks
Rates For Sending a Generator to Pakistan
Size of GeneratorRate
2.5 Kv£150
4 Kv£200
5 Kv£250
6 Kv£300
Rates For Sending a TV to Pakistan
Size of TVRate
Rates For Sending White Goods to Pakistan
Fridge (50 Kg)£200
American Fridge (50 Kg)£350
Washing Machine (50 Kg)£200
4 Burner Cooker£200
5 Burner Cooker£250
6 Burner Cooker£300
Other Electronics£3 Per Kg
Computer/ScreenWe Do Not Send
MobilesWe Do Not Send
(The rates are subject to change anytime without prior notice.)
Send Cheap Sea Cargo to Pakistan from UK

Why should you use sea cargo from UK to Pakistan?

There were times when only commercial shippers were able to take advantage of the cheap fares for shipping bulk containers across the ocean. Our sophisticated logistics solutions allow sharing of container space, so you can take advantage of using cheap sea cargo to Pakistan.
Not only do we ensure the safety of your cargo during transportation, but we also make it easy for you to access the convenience of our services by not having to worry about door-to-port, port-to-port, and the final port-to-door transport of your shipment.

How do you pick the right service for sending sea cargo to Pakistan?

Using sea cargo to Pakistan from UK to ship your gifts and other items is not only one of the cheapest options – it can also be fast, safe, and accurate. However, not all ocean transport services are created equal.
Look at the track record, customer service, speed, accuracy and safety of your cargo along with competitive pricing. We are proud to be one of the best in the business with a long list of happy customers, who trust us with their needs for cheap sea cargo to Pakistan.
Sea Cargo from UK to Pakistan

Process of Sending Sea Cargo to Pakistan

1. We pick up material from your home in UK

Shipping Material to Pakistan

2. Our expert carriers transfer the material safely

3. Material is delivered in Pakistan on time


Just because we pitch cheap sea cargo to Pakistan, it does not mean we make any compromises in ensuring that your package is delivered to the right address. We use our proprietary sophisticated tracking techniques to ensure that your shipment does not get mixed with other cargo and get lost during transit.
Right from the moment we pick your shipment from your doorstep, our advanced cargo tracking software gets to work and carves out the exact pathways it will take during its safe transit to the destination. You can count on us to make sure that even if the cargo has to be re-routed in cases like breakdowns or natural calamities, your package will still be delivered with accuracy.

What is the safety of sea cargo from UK to Pakistan?

We take utmost care of your electronics and items sensitive to damage during transportation, such as televisions and other fragile items. Not only does our tracking software help us track your sea cargo from UK to Pakistan accurately, but it also enables us to tag sensitive items with information to keep it safe during travel.
The information regarding safe handling of your cargo is shared with all our shipping partners, who are experts at providing the right shipping environment at their storage and shipping facilities throughout the journey. If you have a sensitive item you want to ship using cheap sea cargo to Pakistan, request a call back to see how we can help. We also ship to Azad Kashmir.

How fast is sea cargo from UK to Pakistan?

If you have been comparing your options to ship your cargo from UK to Pakistan, you must have come across claims that sea cargo is very slow. Well, it depends on your perspective. Of course, cheap sea cargo to Pakistan cannot beat the speed of Air Cargo, which is more suited for time-sensitive transportation needs. However, using the skies comes at a much higher price, and the list of prohibited items is long.
Until recently, LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments used to take substantially longer than FCL (Full Container Load) cargo. We have created innovative fast sea LCL services that provide you with much cheaper options for shipping smaller loads, sometimes comparable to air freight for speed. Our advanced logistics excellence and access to express ocean services allows us to serve you with faster delivery times.

If you are moving from UK, should you use sea cargo to Pakistan?

Moving can be very stressful, more so if you have accumulated a lot of household items during your stay in the UK. It is not only about the price of accumulating the comforts and luxuries of living a happy life, but you also tend to form an emotional bond with your belongings after a while. You kids will never forgive you for taking away their favourite toy, even for the international move.
At the same time, you have probably spent a lot of effort in handpicking your beloved gadgets and household items. Each clothing and furniture piece you have assembled so meticulously is part of your persona now, not just a use and throw item. We offer special rates for items that you want to ship on a per kilogram basis, and this works out to be the cheapest for most household items. We can help you plan your move, so your coveted belongings get to your destination safely and timely. Request a call back today.

Why pick us for your sea cargo to Pakistan from UK needs?

With us, you can be assured of the best customer service and support as we take care of picking your items from your doorstep and routing it through the most efficient channels to ensure safe and fast delivery of your items to the destination.
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