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We offer the most cost-effective Pak cargo service to ship your items from the UK. Our customer focus and extensive network help us offer you the best air and sea cargo solutions for Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

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Why should you trust us for UK to Pakistan cargo services?

Our extensive experience in the shipping industry ensures safe and timely delivery of your items to Pakistan, including Azad Kashmir. Our partnerships with multiple air and sea cargo handlers help us avoid delays even during flight & vessel interruptions and cancellations.
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Should you pick air or sea option for your cargo needs?

This can get tricky as some vendors offer prohibitively high pricing for air cargo compared to their sea cargo services. With us, price is not a barrier if you want to use air cargo to expedite delivery of your time-sensitive items.
However, there are times when sea cargo is better – for example, when you are dealing with items banned by the airlines. Also, sea cargo is a better option when you are shipping in bulk, and a lower per kg cost is what you are looking for. Our sea cargo services are fast and reliable.
Our innovative logistics provide you with the best pricing for your time-sensitive needs of cargo service to Pakistan. We deliver the speed and safety of air transport at low costs.
Look no further if you are looking for a cheaper yet safe Pak cargo service for delivery of your household items. We ensure optimal use of sea routes to get your items delivered on time.
Cargo Service to Pakistan

Is cost your most crucial factor in comparing Pakistan cargo services?

Well, it is undoubtedly one of the most important determining factors if not the ultimate decision-making component. Nobody wants to spend more than they have to in getting their items delivered from the UK to Pakistan on time.
However, you must consider the safety of your package and accuracy of delivery as well. You do not want to run from pillar to post if your goods are lost or damaged during transit. Work with a trusted shipping company that has an impeccable track record.

How do you choose the best cargo service to Pakistan?

Look at the options offered by the company for both air and sea cargo – you must be able to choose between per item and kilogram-based pricing based on your needs. Stay clear of companies that engage in hard selling gimmicks. You need a trusted partner, not a run of the mill business.
Check if the business works with multiple air and sea cargo handlers – this ensures that they can tap into their extensive network to ensure safe and timely delivery of your goods even in the face of abrupt delays and cancellations of flights and vessels.
Best Cargo Service to Pakistan from UK

Shipping Process

1. We pick up material from your home in UK

Shipping Material to Pakistan

2. Our expert carriers transfer the material safely

3. Material is delivered in Pakistan on time


When you go out looking for the best cargo service to Pakistan to handle your shipments from the UK, every business you come across claims to be the epitome of price and quality.
How then do you make your decision before trusting the business with the safe delivery of your shipments to Pakistan? It is not only about the value of the items being transported. Most times you have an emotional bond with the packages – say when you are sending over the latest electronic toy in the UK market and cannot wait to see the smile of your loved ones in Pakistan when they receive your gift.
Here are some factors to consider when deciding if you have, indeed, picked the right Pak cargo service:

How long have they been in business?

Believe it or not, you will find a ton of run of the mill businesses that have wound up within a short span of starting shipping operations – some just accumulated a lot of bad reputation for lost or delayed packages and the rest were not up to the game to begin with and struggled with logistics and customer support.
Look for a trusted cargo service to Pakistan that has earned its name over many years of serving satisfied customers in the UK.

Does the shipping company have multiple routing options?

Working with UK to Pakistan cargo services that partner with multiple air and sea cargo carriers ensures that your packages are not delayed, even in adverse situations such as delays and cancellations of airlines and ships.
People know you by your word, more so in Pakistan. Imagine promising someone in Pakistan that you will be sending over something to them from the UK to reach them within a specific time. You do not want to risk your reputation by working with a shipping company which has limited options to take care of delays that may be caused by bad weather or route blockages. Request a call back to know more about how we ensure timely delivery of your items to Pakistan, even in the face of challenging situations.

How does the business ensure the safety and security of your shipment?

The international cargo industry does not have the best reputation when it comes to safety, security and accuracy of global shipments. Quiz your UK to Pakistan cargo services company to see what measures they have in place to ensure the safe delivery of your gifts and household items.
One of the things that separates us from the pack is our unique way of tagging the shipment not only for accurate routing but also to indicate any safe handling procedures to be embraced for fragile items. Our staff and partners have been trained to look for such cues and adopt appropriate transport mechanisms to prevent damage to the goods during pick-up, transit, storage and final delivery.
Request a call back and let our experts answer any questions you may have on the safety and security of your shipments. Safety is one of our primary operating principles, and we go to great lengths to ensure your items arrive as good as they were shipped.

Do not risk delays or damage during shipping of your coveted items

Work with the best Pak cargo service in the industry. We ensure timely and safe delivery of the goods you send with so much love from the UK to your friends and relatives in Pakistan, including Azad Kashmir. We offer our excellent services at the lowest cost for your convenience.
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