Cargo to Pakistan From London

Cargo to Pakistan From London
If you want to carry your goods to Pakistan from London then there are some options. The cargo companies will offer services to deliver your items to anywhere in Pakistan. Be it the deserts of Bahawalpur to the mountains of Gilgit your items will be delivered anywhere you want them to.
The cargo companies will also offer the safety of your items during their excursion from anywhere in the UK to Pakistan. They will have a highly efficient and experienced team, and ensure that the delivery will be silky smooth. The cargo companies will also offer door to door shipping service and the entire process will have no hassles for the customers.
All that is required is your online details. You will have to provide the details, the product size and weight, and then you will get a quotation for the mentioned items. You will have to choose the cargo service who offers the best and competitive price and does not charge you unnecessary fees. Check the reviews of the cargo company by which you will get an idea about how efficient the company is?

London to Pakistan Sea Cargo Rates

Per Kg Rates For Sending Sea Cargo to Pakistan
WeightRateDelivery Time (Approx.)
20 Kg (Minimum)£1.25 Per Kg6 – 8 Weeks
50 Kg (5 Kg Free)£1.25 Per Kg6 – 8 Weeks
100 Kg (10 Kg Free)£1 Per Kg6 – 8 Weeks
Rates For Sending a Generator to Pakistan
Size of GeneratorRate
2.5 Kv£150
4 Kv£200
5 Kv£250
6 Kv£300
Rates For Sending a TV to Pakistan
Size of TVRate
Rates For Sending White Goods to Pakistan
Fridge (50 Kg)£200
American Fridge (50 Kg)£350
Washing Machine (50 Kg)£200
4 Burner Cooker£200
5 Burner Cooker£250
6 Burner Cooker£300
Other Electronics£3 Per Kg
Computer/ScreenWe Do Not Send
MobilesWe Do Not Send

Door to door delivery

The cargo companies offer two ways of door to door delivery. One of them is the air cargo which is a fast way and the items are delivered in quick time. Most of the cargo services operate through air cargo for international deliveries to several different countries. Air cargo is the largest shareholder when it comes to revenue.

The air cargo services to Pakistan provides an exclusive door to door delivery service. They have connections with many international companies that own freighters, and the freighters make sure that the goods are delivered to your said destination in Pakistan within the stipulated time. But this has to be done without charging heavy price and the cargo companies provide them exactly that.

Another way of delivering the items to Pakistan from London is through ocean freight shipping. The sea cargo is quietly is becoming popular. It has become the go-to-way of shipping items, specially the goods that are way too heavy are sent through this cargo around the world. Pak cargo London supports shipping through the sea and enables you to send as many goods as you want from London to Pakistan.

Pak cargo London is the best way for door to door delivery through both the air and sea routes. They ship the items on both paths, and make sure the entire process of door to door delivery is simple and calm experience for the customers.

Shipping process through door to door service to Pakistan from London.

In today’s times when the Cargo shipping is on the boom, the door to door shipping is still unsuccessful. So, the cargo companies are trying to find out ways to improve this part of the process. But what about the client who chooses for a door to door service?
The courier business has made leaps of progress to improve the service, some of the companies have gone ahead and are providing better door to door service to the clients. But the big question is that, why not all the cargo companies offer door to door services?

Pricing of Pak cargo London

Pak cargo London offers reasonable prices to the clients. The sea cargo and the air cargo charges are very competitive in the entire UK. Charges start from 5 pounds per kg for the air cargo. While the sea cargo charges start from 1 pound per kg. There is a weight limit of 50 kg and the prices are pretty much reasonable for the weight.
Pak cargo London operates from anywhere in London. They have the reach to any part of Pakistan and the shipping is done to Pakistan Azad Kashmir also. From tiny villages in Pakistan Azad Kashmir to big cities of Pakistan the cargo companies give guarantee of carrying the goods safely and securely. The goods are eventually delivered to the mentioned destination in Pakistan.

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