Cargo to Pakistan 10kg Free

Cargo to Pakistan 10kg Free
The economics of sending cargo from the UK to Pakistan or any other country is simple. The heavier the cargo, the cheaper it is to ship. However, most of the Pakistanis living here in the UK would not be sending things in bulk. There is a high probability that they would become a victim of the tactics of commercial cargo service providers. We are not in league with such establishments, and we provide cargo to Pakistan 10kg free.
There is a wide range of weights that are possible to ship. Most countries have their own weight restrictions. That’s where cargo service providers like us come into play. If you are living in the UK and wish to send cargo to Pakistan then there are many cargo service providers for that. However, our services are different from them.

UK to Pakistan Sea Cargo Rates

Per Kg Rates For Sending Sea Cargo to Pakistan
WeightRateDelivery Time (Approx.)
20 Kg (Minimum)£1.25 Per Kg6 – 8 Weeks
50 Kg (5 Kg Free)£1.25 Per Kg6 – 8 Weeks
100 Kg (10 Kg Free)£1 Per Kg6 – 8 Weeks
Rates For Sending a Generator to Pakistan
Size of GeneratorRate
2.5 Kv£150
4 Kv£200
5 Kv£250
6 Kv£300
Rates For Sending a TV to Pakistan
Size of TVRate
Rates For Sending White Goods to Pakistan
Fridge (50 Kg)£200
American Fridge (50 Kg)£350
Washing Machine (50 Kg)£200
4 Burner Cooker£200
5 Burner Cooker£250
6 Burner Cooker£300
Other Electronics£3 Per Kg
Computer/ScreenWe Do Not Send
MobilesWe Do Not Send

What Makes Us Different?

First thing, we provide cargo to Pakistan 10kg free. Now don’t let this confuse you. With us, if you are sending a cargo of 100 kgs then we provide 10kg additional limit free. All that for a cost of 1 pound per kg. We thought this information should come on top. Money is important and we want that our services should be accessible to everyone who wishes to send stuff to Pakistan.
People leave Pakistan and come to the UK for a reason. They want to keep their families back home in a happy state. Pakistanis sending TV, refrigerators and generators from the UK is a common thing. However, at times people fall in a trap when they end up paying excessive prices for cargo. With us, you would never fall in that trap. All our services are pretty affordable. In fact, as mentioned earlier, we provide cargo to Pakistan 10kg free service that is unique with us.
You would not find any other cargo provider doing the same for the people of Pakistan living in the UK. We understand the sacrifice of hardworking Pakistanis and their efforts for keeping their families back home happy. To know more give us a call on 07513464179 or click here to request a call back from our cargo experts. We are happy to help.

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