Air Cargo to Pakistan from Birmingham

Air Cargo to Pakistan from Birmingham
Air cargo is the fastest way to send goods and gifts to your friends or relatives living in Pakistan. During annual festive seasons, a lot of Pakistani British people living in Birmingham use air cargo to Pakistan from Birmingham to deliver gift items to their loved ones. Air cargo costs a bit more than sea cargo and you might be thinking if it is the right choice for your consignment. Here are a few tips to help you decide.

Time of Delivery

When you don’t have much time and want your parcel to reach its destination in the shortest amount of time, you must use air cargo to Pakistan from Birmingham. In the cases where timely delivery of the consignment is the top priority, our experts always suggest customers to use air cargo.

Perishable Items

Our customers don’t want to take any chances when they need to send perishable goods from the UK to Pakistan. Air freight is faster and safer and you would never want your consignment get spoiled during delivery. You must use our affordable air cargo in such cases.

Cost of Shipping

If your consignment is too heavy, you may end up paying more to send it by air cargo. Air cargo is the best option when the price of shipping is less than 15% of the value of goods. There is no point paying more when it’s not required. In such cases, use our cheap sea cargo service to Pakistan.

Valuable Goods

Air cargo is undoubtedly more reliable than sea cargo and you must use it when you want to send important documents, jewellery or other valuable goods to Pakistan. We recommend that you always use air cargo to Pakistan from Birmingham to send valuable items.

Prohibited Items

Airlines have a long list of prohibited items that cannot be transported using air cargo and you must ensure that you’re not disobeying the law, even by mistake. Ask our experts and they will be able to tell you if your consignment is eligible to be sent using air cargo.
Planning your shipment and the delivery process in advance can help avoid problems at a later stage. It is always suggested that you talk to an experienced cargo professional before deciding to send goods to Pakistan. Do request a call back from our cargo experts if you’re not able to decide yourself and we will be more than happy to assist you with your shipping needs. You can even call us directly on 07513464179.

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