89p Cargo To Pakistan

89p Cargo To Pakistan
One of the biggest issues that people from Pakistan face while sending cargo from the UK is the heavy cost that it incurs. Thats where we come into the picture as saviors. Our 89p/Kg cargo movement rates to Pakistan are the cheapest in the market and most efficient also.

If you intend to move heavy cargo from the UK to Pakistan then we should be your logistic partner for the same. Please keep in mind that these rates (89p/Kg) is applicable when you are planning on moving heavy cargo, providing the same rates for the lighter consignment is just not viable. Now, this is something that needs to be mentioned upfront as some of the smart players in the market intentionally forget to do so. They use the cheap rate tag line to lure you, and once you have invested your hope and time with them, dismay is what you get. Better not tread down that road, to begin with.

What are the benefits of 89p Cargo to Pakistan?

Our 89p Cargo to Pakistan service is designed to meet the grass-root level logistics needs of Pakistanis living here in the UK. Our services are crafted to provide you with highest level of satisfaction, efficiency, and affordability. Where else you would find such cheap cargo services. Thats, not all we deliver to all locations in Pakistan including Azad Kashmir. So, rest assured you would get the best services at the cheapest price.

With us, you get the following benefits

Best Online Prices 

Give it a try, you would not find a cheaper service than us. For heavy cargo and bulk logistics, we provide a meager rate of 89p/Kg to most of the locations in Pakistan.

Custom Service

We understand that not every logistical need is the same. That’s why our team is ready to provide you with a highly customized solution at no extra cost. We can provide you with packing and unpacking also, once you engage our services all you have to do is sit back and relax. The team handles the rest.

Prompt Customer Service

We pamper our customers. Thats for sure. Our customer service will go lengths to get your thing done. If you have a problem, then we will work relentlessly to solve it.

On-time Delivery & Safety

On-time delivery is guaranteed by us. We use state of the art cargo tracking system. You get the best level of awareness about where cargo is and when it will be delivered. We also help you get the best transit insurance deal so in case something happens, you still remain safe and your losses would be made good.

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